Let’s look at what is docker and why do we need it.

An application works in developer’s laptop but not in testing or production.

This is due to difference in computing environments.

Developing an application requires starting several of microservices in one machine. So if you are starting five of those services you require five Virtual Machine’s on that host machine.

Using VM’s leads to wastage of resources.

Docker containers are light weight alternatives of VM’s. In docker container we don’t have to pre-allocate any RAM or disk space, they take RAM or disk space according to requirement and provide…

Microservices are built in different languages and encompass a function of your business. These microservices must exchange information and need to agree on: the API to exchange data, the data format, the error patterns, load balancing, and many others.

One of the popular choices for building API is REST(HTTP-JSON).

Building an API is a cumbersome task.

We need to think about the data model( JSON, XML, etc ). Need to think about endpoints, how to invoke it and handle errors, efficiency of the API, latency etc.

Framework to do all these hardwork :- gRPC

gRPC is a free open-source framework…

Vedant Tiwari

I am a Software Development Engineer. Working towards becoming a Full Stack Polyglot Developer by building awesome projects.

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